1949-National Service Uniform- Battle Dress

The British Pattern 1949 BD Uniform underwent several changes to the 1940 pattern issue Battledress when it was  adopted by the British Army after the Second World War, with broad lapels added to the Battle Dress Blouse, giving it an open-collar design similar to Canadian 1949 Pattern. Other ranks, as well as officers, now wore it with a collared shirt and tie (although the RAF always had done). The map pocket on the trousers was moved completely to the side. Buttons on the pockets remained exposed, though a fly front was restored to 1949 Pattern BD.

With the ending of National Service in the United Kingdom, a lighter version, the 1960 Combat Dress, became general issue for everyday wear. The No 2 Service Dress eventually replaced the Battledress for formal use by the early 1960s.