British DPM Combat Uniform (No. 8: Temperate Combat Dress) (1968- 1995)

This is the woodland/temperate variant of Disruptive Pattern Material British Army Combat Uniform. Issued from 1968 the uniform consisted of the Combat Jacket and Trousers. Later Smocks were also available in the temperate DPM, including the SAS pattern windproof smock. Covers for combat helmets and body armour were also made in this camouflage prior to their replacement by the Combat Soldier 1998 uniform. All of the DPM uniforms were replaced by the current 2011 PCS-CU clothing system.


This example of a British Infantry Uniform of 1982 consists of the DPM combat Jacket being worn over Green Lightweight trousers. The 1958 pattern webbing set without back pack. Gas mask in waterproof bag. The Mk IV helmet has a Net and scrim cover. The small arm is a standard 7.62 SLR.