National Police Constable- Patrol Uniform

Law enforcement in the United Kingdom is organised separately in each of the legal systems of the United Kingdom: England and Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland. Most law enforcement is carried out by police officers serving in regional police services (known as territorial police forces) within one of those jurisdictions. These regional services are complemented by UK-wide agencies, such as the National Crime Agency and the national specialist units of certain territorial police forces, such as the Specialist Operations directorate of the Metropolitan Police.


This full costume consists of the following;

Black Patrol Boots- Black Cargo Trousers- Black equipment belt with Holster for Asp (dummy), CS Spray (Dummy), Speed Cuffs- Document Pouch- Leg Restraint Pouch- Black Long or Short sleeve wicket shirt with Police badges on sleeves and epaulettes- Black Neoprene Patrol Jacket with removable High Viz badges- National Body Armour with removable high viz badges- Sepura Radio (dummy) Reveal media Camera (dummy)- Police peaked cap with generic Police Badge.