British Paratrooper Uniform – Basic Uniform (1941-1945)

This is the basic uniform set for a British Paratrooper 1943-1945. It consists of the Serge Battle Dress Uniform, Paratrooper Maroon Beret with badges, Black toe-cap boots and gaiters and a 1937 pattern web belt.


1940 Pattern Battledress introduced in 1940 saw some small changes to the original design, a lined collar and slightly closer cut to the blouse and trousers with a new dressing pocket on the trousers with two pleats and a revolving shank button.

Battledress trousers known as Trousers, Parachutist were issued to some parachute troops, though the majority still wore standard Battledress around the time of the Normandy landings. Supply increased as the war progressed but even by May 1945, standard Battledress trousers were still common in Airborne divisions. Trousers, Parachutist had two pleated pockets in the rear for shell dressings, an enlarged map pocket lined with chamois leather and an integral pocket for the F.S. knife in the seam of the right leg. They were for ‘combat’ use only and as such, were not used for parades or going on leave.