Battle Dress- Denim OD- 1939 pattern

Overalls, Denim were a version of Battle Dress intended for working clothing, and were produced from khaki coloured cotton denim, with several manufacturer’s variants. It was issued a size larger as it was intended to be worn over the regular uniform. Buttons were fixed through small holes in the denim material and kept in place by a split pin. The buttons could be easily removed for laundering which, due to denim overalls being workwear, was more frequent than for serge battledress. this uniform was however used on active service, notably in Italy, and later in North-West Europe when in winter it was often worn over the conventional serge BD for extra protection in the cold. Denims were frequently used by tank crews and also issued on a wide scale to the Local Defence Volunteers (later the Home Guard) as a stop-gap until serge uniforms could be obtained.


This costume hire consists of the following;

British KD or OD shirt- Reproduction 1939 pattern Denim Trousers and Tunic- Black Ammo Boots- Canvas gaiters and 1937 pattern belt- MkII steel helmet with net cover.

This illustration depicts a soldier on work party detail equipped with a shovel. The private habitually carries a .303 Number 4 Service Rifle and has a cotton bandolier of ammunition in clips.

The Number 4 Rifle is available for hire through our gun hire department,