Roman Spatha Sword- Costume

Roman swords were of two main types. The Gladius and the Spatha. The Spatha is the longest of the two types. Favoured by cavalry for its longer reach.
Our large collection of swords are available for hire.
They fall into 3 main categories. Costume or Antique, Stunt or Fight ready and safe or prop only.
Costume and antique swords are for wearing and set dressing only. They are not suitable for any type of contact work and must not be used in any fight routines.
Fight ready or Stunt swords have been manufactured and prepared for stage combat use. The blades are made from either high tensile sprung steel or from an alloy compound (Duralium) Swords for stage combat must be paired and use compatible blades.
Prop swords are usually moulded rubber or plastic replica. often referred to as “Safe” swords.


Available 12 – Steel blade with hardwood hand grip and pommel – Black leather scabbard with Brass fittings- For costume use only