Late 15C- Man at Arms- (Tudor Household)-Dark Steel Finish- Polyurethane construction- 01

This is an example of one of our sets of armour for a late 15th Century Man-at-Arms. He is dressed for battle wearing a composite set of armour. Starting with a Mail Shirt under a Cuirass (Back and Breastplate), articulated Pauldrons (Shoulder protection), Cuisses (Thigh and knee protection) and Mitten Gauntlets. Finally he wears a Visored Coventry Sallet and Bevor (neck guard). This man-at-Arms  carries a Halbard type pole arm and also has a broad sword.

This style of armour is suitable for the War of the Roses period. The Livery (tabard) is of the colours of the house of Tudor. The badge of a White Hart with chain is associated with Henry VII (Lancastrian)