Basic British Uniform (1914-1918)

This is one of our Basic British Army Uniforms (1914-1918). It is an extremely high quality reproduction of an original uniform.
The Basic uniform comprises of the following,

  • Tunic with brass general service buttons.
  • Trousers with elasticated braces.
  • Long Putties.
  • Brown Rough Outer short service boot.
  • Service cap with brown leather chin strap.
  • 1908 pattern web belt.
  • The uniform is supplied without regimental badges or Rank badges. We do have a stock of generic Brass Regimental sets which can be supplied on request. Rank badges can also be supplied on request. There may be a charge for applying the badges before dispatch.


The British soldier went to war in August 1914 wearing the 1902 Pattern Service Dress tunic and trousers. This was a thick woollen tunic, dyed khaki. There were two breast pockets for personal items and the soldier’s AB64 Pay Book, two smaller pockets for other items, and an internal pocket sewn under the right flap of the lower tunic where the First Field Dressing was kept. Rifle patches were sewn just above the breast pockets, to prevent wear from the webbing equipment and Enfield rifle. Shoulder straps were sewn on and fastened with brass buttons, with enough space for a brass regimental shoulder title. Rank insignia was sewn onto the upper tunic sleeves, while trade badges and Long Service and Good Conduct stripes were placed on the lower sleeves. A stiffened peak cap was worn, made of the same material, with a leather strap, brass fitting and secured with two small brass buttons Puttees were worn round the ankles and calves, and ammunition boots with hobnail soles on the feet. This example is of a Private soldier in the Royal Fusiliers as denoted by the brass regimental badges.

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