69th Foot (South Lincolnshire) Officer-Centre Company-campaign dress (1812-1815)

The 69th (South Lincolnshire) Regiment of Foot was an infantry regiment of the British Army, raised in 1756.

A second battalion was raised in 1803. The 1st battalion embarked for India in 1805 and helped to suppress the Vellore mutiny in July 1806 and the Travancore Rebellion in spring 1809. It went on to see action during the Invasion of Île Bonaparte in July 1810, the Invasion of Isle de France in December 1810 and the Invasion of Java in August 1811.

Meanwhile the 2nd battalion embarked for Holland in 1813 and took part in the Siege of Bergen op Zoom in March 1814. It served at the Battle of Quatre Bras and the Battle of Waterloo. At Waterloo the King’s Colour was captured by the enemy and Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Morice, commanding officer of the battalion, was killed in a French cavalry charge. The two battalions amalgamated again in 1816.


This is one of our collection of replica uniforms for the 69th Foot (South Lincolnshire) Officer-Centre Company-campaign dress (1812-1815) . Wherever possible, all fabric, lace and braiding and buttons used in the construction of this uniform are exactly the same as use in the original manufactured uniform.