33rd Foot (1st Yorkshire West Riding) Sergeant- Centre Company (1812-1815)

In 1702 Colonel George Hastings, 8th Earl of Huntingdon, was authorised to raise a new regiment, which he did in and around the city of Gloucester. As was the custom in those days the regiment was named Huntingdon’s Regiment after its Colonel. As Colonel succeeded Colonel the name changed, but in 1751 regiments were given numbers, and the regiment was from that time officially known as the 33rd Regiment of Foot. In 1782 the regiment’s title was changed to the 33rd (or First Yorkshire West Riding) Regiment, thus formalising an association with the West Riding of Yorkshire which, even then, had been long established. The first Duke of Wellington died in 1852 and in the following year Queen Victoria, in recognition of the regiment’s long ties to him, ordered that the regiment’s title be changed to the 33rd (or The Duke of Wellington’s) Regiment.


This is one of our collection of replica uniforms for the 33rd Foot (1st Yorkshire West Riding) Sergeant- Centre Company (1812-1815) . Wherever possible, all fabric, lace and braiding and buttons used in the construction of this uniform are exactly the same as use in the original manufactured uniform. In this illustration we have shown a Brown Bess Musket and Bayonet. These are available for hire as Deactivated or Replica film props through our Gun Hire Department. We can also supply blank firing Muskets through our UK Gun Hire Company, http://www.gunhire.co.uk/?product=british-tower-armoury-long-land-pattern-musket-brown-bess-75cal-live-firing

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