23rd Foot (Royal Welch Fuzileers ) Private – Grenadier Company (1802-1812)

The Royal Welch Fusiliers was a line infantry regiment of the British Army, part of the Prince of Wales’ Division. It was founded in 1689 to oppose James II and to take part in the imminent war with France. The regiment was numbered as the 23rd Regiment of Foot, though it was one of the first regiments to be granted the honour of a fusilier title and so was known as The Welch Regiment of Fusiliers from 1702. The “Royal” accolade was earned fighting in the War of the Spanish Succession in 1713.

It was one of the oldest infantry regiments in the British Army, hence the continued use of the archaic spelling of the word Welch instead of Welsh, and also historically Fuzileers instead of Fusiliers; these archaic spellings were engraved on swords the regiment carried during Napoleonic times.


This is one of our collection of replica uniforms for the 23rd Foot (Royal Welch Fuzileers ) Private – Grenadier Company (1802-1812). Wherever possible, all fabric, lace and braiding and buttons used in the construction of this uniform are exactly the same as use in the original manufactured uniform. This illustration shows the Brown Bess Musket and Bayonet. These are available for hire as Deactivated or Replica film props through our Gun Hire Department. We can also supply blank firing muskets through our UK Gun Hire Company, http://www.gunhire.co.uk/?product=british-tower-armoury-long-land-pattern-musket-brown-bess-75cal-live-firing

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