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We have a very large stock of GRP (Fibreglass) Armour. Most of our pieces and full sets were manufactured for classic TV and Feature films in the 1980’s and 1990’s.

The manufacturing process uses a metallic gel coat which is reinforced by the GRP resin and mat. This enables the surface of the armour to be lightly polished and achieves a very realistic metallic sheen.

This type of armour is very popular for stage use as it does not produce any sounds when being worn. It also will not reflect strong stage lights into the audience. This non-reflective quality also makes the product popular with photographers.

This type of armour is very rigid and will not flex. It is not suitable for stunt work or heavy performance use. Due to the nature of the materials it is the best suited armour for set dressing both inside and on exterior sets. It will not rust or corrode.

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