British Infantry-basic uniform (1939-1945)

This is our basic uniform set for a 1940 (1942) British Infantry. The set consists of the Serge Battle Dress Uniform, Cap, Black toe-cap boots and gaiters, 1937 pattern web belt.


1940 “Austerity” Pattern Battledress (occasionally labelled 1942 Pattern) was introduced in 1942; it deleted the fly front so the front buttons, as well as the pocket and cuff buttons, were now exposed. Pocket pleats to the blouse were removed, early manufacture included two inside pockets but this was soon reduced to a single inside pocket. Plastic buttons were introduced, rather than the brass dished buttons of Battledress, Serge. The trousers lost their belt loops and ankle tabs, the pocket buttons were now exposed and made of brown or green plastic like those of the blouse.